Kay Bailey Hutchison’s statement in Dallas Morning News – Dr. J.-C. Chiao received the prestigious Academy’s O’Donnell Awards

Our own Board of Director, Dr. J.-C. Chiao was recognized at the prestigious TAMEST’s (the Academy of Medicine, Engineering and Science of Texas) annual conference.

On Thursday at TAMEST’s annual conference, the Academy’s O’Donnell Awards were presented to honor the next generation of pioneering innovators in Texas. Dr. J.-C. Chiao, an electrical engineering professor at the University of Texas at Arlington and adjunct associate professor of internal medicine at UT Southwestern, received the engineering award for developing sensors to test treatments for illnesses that can lead to cancer. Dr. J.-C. Chiao merged his expertise in electrical engineering and internal medicine resulting in this innovative device.

We are so proud of Dr. J.-C. Chiao’s achievements and contributions to the mankind.  Follow the links for more information.

Here is the link for Senator Hutchison’s column in Dallas Morning News. It was released on line on Jan. 6 and printed on the Jan. 7 Dallas Morning News.

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