2011 AAEOY and Spring CIE National Council Meeting

Six CIE/USA-DFW officers had a very good trip to Seattle participating AAEOY event and Spring National Council meeting (2/26 – 2/27).

CIE Seattle Chapter has done excellent planning and execution. It was a very successful AAEOY event.

We have CIE/USA-DFW Technical Director Dr. Jinrong Qian received AAEOY award. CIE/USA-DFW officer Dr. Lingjia Liu was recognized as 2011 E-Week New Faces of Engineering.

David Kao, the current CIE/USA-DFW president, is also elected to the Vice Chair of National Council. By tradition, he will be also defaulted as the 2012 Chair of the National Council.

We have news release to cover this and to promote CIE.

It is my pleasure to make this announcement: 2013 AAEOY will be held in Dallas. There was a good discussion with a competition from our sister chapter (OSSESA and SOCAL jointed). DFW chapter received majority of the votes. Thank Julius for his convincing speech in the meeting. We will plan on a kick-off meeting to form the committee for 2013 AAEOY in Dallas.