2011 CIE Young Achiever Award (YAA) – Call for Application

The Young Achiever Scholarship/Award (YAA) is a CIE’s traditional charter of encouraging the young generation of our CIE members to achieve excellence in academic performance; to participate in extracurricular activities and community services; and to develop leadership skills in early stage of their life. The YAA program is designed to encourage them by recognizing those young students who have demonstrated so far that they have exceeded in achieving these goals. This particular recognition has proven to be very beneficial to the YAA recipients in their applications to University entrance and also as a good credential record for their career and life. The YAA Committee of CIE/USA DFW is accepting applications from May 10th, 2011 to June 29th, 2011.

Please follow the following link for the details of the application:

For inquiries, please contact Jane Liu at CIE_YAA2011@yahoo.com.