2011 CIE MathComp/MathFun – A Huge Success!

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CIE/USA-DFW successfully organized its flagship youth program, the 2011 MathComp/MathFun, on July 9 (Saturday) at Collin College Spring Creek campus. The event started at 12 pm and ended at 5 pm. It attracted more than 300 students from Grade 1 to 7 registered for the event. Over 800 people participated, visited and volunteered for the event.

MathComp provided the opportunity to demonstrate their math problem solving skills. MathFun was an interactive program allowing parent/children to work together in solving math quizzes and games which stimulate the students’ interest in mathematics. This year there were about 20 local non-profit organizations, educational organizations, university/college organizations, sponsors, and Chinese schools participated in the MathFun activity. The activities they brought included math puzzles and games, sudoku, chess, science projects, math education and robotics.

While students were taking the test, there was a Parenting Seminar from Mr. Kai Axford, a Cybersecurity expert to show us some of the newer social networking tools and the risks associated with each. During the award ceremony, Ms. LaShunda Rundles, the 2008 World Champion of Public Speaking, gave a motivational speech to the  kids to be the best they can be.

MathComp/MathFun organization this year was led by Ms. Melanie Huang and Ms. Nik Ressler. There were about 120 volunteers involved and participated in the organization of the activities. Within these volunteers, about 30 volunteers were from the North Texas Youth Honor Society. The sponsors this year included Lockheed Martin, Texas Instruments, America First Insurance, Fluor, Raytheon and AT&T. The lunch for the volunteers were sponsored by Cindi’s New York Delicatessen.

Here is the list of winners of MathComp:

Grade 1:
1st place: William Yue
2nd place: Shriya Reddy
3rd place: Maggie Chen
Honorable mentions: Shreyas Shridharan, Eric Wang,  Rishab Parthasarathy

Grade 2:
1st place: Edward Wan
2nd place:  Kai Tsuei
3rd place: Eddie Cao
Honorable mentions: David Yang, Harini Kumar, Johnson Jin

Grade 3:
1st place: Ray Chang
2nd place: Brandon Wang
3rd place: Vivian Zhao
Honorable mentions: Eric Zhang, Vincent Chen, Derek Qin

Grade 4:
1st place: Anthony Jiang
2nd place: Mason Reiter
3rd place: Brandon Chen
Honorable mentions: Jett Wang, Kenneth Huang, Steven Wu

Grade 5:
1st place: Kevin Feng
2nd place: Henry Weinstein
3rd place: Katherine Xiong
Honorable mentions: Micahel Shen, Cindy Hao, Swetha Berana

Grade 6:
1st place: Max Bu
2nd place: Albert Yue
3rd place: Vinjai Vale
Honorable mentions: Jessica Lee, Carolyn Huynh, Peter Huang

Grade 7:
1st place: Sam Porter
2nd place: Emily Hua
3rd place: Michael Yuan
Honorable mentions: Kevin Wang, Anagha Krishnan, Helena Wu