2012 CIE Youth Engineering Fair – Call for Participation

CIE YEF 2012 Flyer

The Chinese Institute of Engineers (CIE) is pleased to announce the 2012 CIE Youth Engineering Fair for the DFW grade levels 1-12 students. The event will be held on March 24, 2012 at University of Texas at Arlington Nedderman Hall 12:30 – 5 pm.

UTA, Nedderman Hall: 500 UTA Blvd, Arlington, TX 76010
Google Map: click here

This year, the Youth Engineering Fair will feature two major segments in parallel:

Segment 1: Engineering Competition: The Table Building Grand Challenge
The competition, for students of Grade 7 to 12, focuses on the students’ teamwork skills, creativity, and resourcefulness in their comprehension of science and engineering. During the competition, the students are required to work in a group of two to accomplish this challenging engineering task within a specified timeframe. During the online registration, the student should specify the name of the teammate, if possible. Both students in the team are required to register, and both students must be in the same category shown below. If a teammate is not specified, CIE will assign a teammate on site before the start of the competition. The challenge is to build a sturdy table that will withstand a reasonable amount of weight. However, the materials and its amount to be used are not announced until the start of the competition. The resulting constructed table will be judged using specific criteria, and formal certificates will be awarded to the top three winners in each of the following categories:

Category A: Students of Grade 7 – 9 (Spring 2012 Semester)
Category B: Students of Grade 10 – 12 (Spring 2012 Semester)

Segment 2: Engineering Fun
The fun projects, for students of Grade 1 to 6, focus on stimulation of students’ interest in engineering, science and technology during their early age. The students will be accomplishing small engineering fun projects with various kits provided. The students will build an engineered “product” according to specifications with their own flare of creativity, either individually or in a team. The winning individual/team will be awarded a trophy to show encouragement. The fun projects will also be judged based on the following categories:

Category C: Students of Grade 1 – 2 (Spring 2012 Semester) – Aluminum Boat Fun
Category D: Students of Grade 3 – 4 (Spring 2012 Semester) – Bridge Building Fun
Category E: Students of Grade 5 – 6 (Spring 2012 Semester) – Paper Airplane Fun

A number of robotics competition groups are also visiting during the event to motivate students. The parents and students are encouraged to discuss with these groups to see how robotics-based projects can help in stimulating their child’s interest in engineering and technology during early ages.  Engineers from Lockheed Martin’s Engineers in the Classroom (EITC) initiative also will be visiting to talk about the challenging and exciting things they do as engineers, and what got them interested in the field of engineering. They will be available to answer any questions regarding their field as well as academics and how to prepare for a rewarding career in engineering.

Online Registration:
The online registration is now open, and will be closed on March 18, 2012. Registration fee is $10 per student (T-Shirt Included). The payment is through PayPal, but you can still pay it using a credit card.

During the registration, please specify your
(1) Grade level (as of Spring 2012),
(2) School Name,
(3) Teammate (especially for Engineering Competition). Click here to register

Please contact Steve Hwang at YouthEngineeringFair2012@gmail.com for inquiries.