2012 CIE Spring Symposium – Cloud Computing

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The Spring Symposium of Technology – “Cloud computing”, was held parallel with the Youth Engineering Fair at University of Texas at Arlington, Nedderman Hall, on March 24 (Saturday).  Many professionals, graduate students, college students, and children of parents participating in the Engineering Fair have joined the event. The free and open to public forum was hosted by Mr. Min Lai from AT&T,  and organized by Mr. Charles Chow (Xiaoqing Zhou) from Deloitte.

Mr. Sammy Yang, president of CIE, has delivered a keynote speech at first, pointing out that CIE (Chinese Institute of Engineers) has dedicated in long history to focus on the trend of technological development and opportunities, enhance the communication among engineers and researchers related on subjects of science, technology, engineering and math, and promote activities of community.  In addition Mr. Yang has invited everyone’s attention to 2013 AAEOY (annual Asian American Engineering of the Year Award) which will be hosted by CIE-DFW chapter.

Following are three wonderful speeches made by the invited experts. Dr. Hans-Joachim Adler, professor from the University of Texas at Dallas, discussed Cloud Computing and its impact on business education; Mr. Ron Batra, product director from AT&T’s and coming from Austin for this event, delivered a speech on “Cloud Computing: A 360 Perspective”; Mr. Rahul Bajpai, Specialist Leader from Deloitte Consulting, described the use of cloud opportunity – telecommunications, media and technology.

The subject experts have reviewed the history from traditional mainframe, client-server structure to cloud computing, explored development process and business model of cloud computing, extensively discussed potential impacts on multimedia, education, people living and working.  The three invited experts, as well as executive vice president of CIE and cloud computing expert, Dr. Yu Meng, have panel discussion to answer a variety of questions from the audience about cloud computing including network security and virtualization.  Mr. Charles Chow, chair of the event and moderator of panel discussion, has brought attention about cyber security technology symposium scheduled to be held in May and organized jointly by CIE and Collin College.