2012 Youth Engineering Fair (YEF) – A Huge Success!

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The CIE/USA-DFW 2012 Youth Engineering Fair (YEF) was successfully held at UT Arlington, Nedderman Hall on March 24, 2012 12:30 – 5 pm. The fair is one of the important CIE youth programs supported strongly by UT Arlington College of Engineering, and sponsored by Lockheed Martin, Texas Instruments, AT&T and Oncor. The major goal of the fair was to promote creativity among youths, to inspire youths’ interest in engineering and technology, and to encourage the youths to choose engineering as their career in the future.

The fair attracted more than 160 registered students from Grade 1 to 12 to participate in various engineering fun and competitions.  The fair featured two major segments in parallel. The first segment was the on-site “Chair Building Grand Challenge” competition for the students in Grade 7 to 12. During the competition, the students were required to work in a team of two. The teams are given limited supply of newspaper and tapes to accomplish challenging engineering task of building the tallest and strongest chair within specific duration of time. The competition focuses on the students’ teamwork, creativity, and resourcefulness in their comprehension of science and engineering. The competition was judged in two major categories, i.e. Category A for Grade 7‐9, and Category B for Grade 10‐12. A total of 36 students participated in this challenge, and 18 highly creative and impressive chairs were built!

In the second segment, an engineering fun event was held for the younger students, who are in Grade 1 – 6. The students accomplished small engineering fun projects with various kits provided. The students will build engineered “product” according to specifications with their own flare of creativity, either individually or in a team. The activities held include the Aluminum Boat Shaping, Paper Airplane Fun and Bridge Building Fun for students in Grade 1-2, 3-4 and 5-6, respectively. Even though the students were very young in age, they were able to show their impressive creativity skills to build various interesting “products”.

CIE/USA-DFW is proudly to announce the winner of the competitions:

Tower Building Grand Challenge:

Grade 7 – 9
First Place: Stephen Peng and Nathan Sims
Second Place: Kevin Wang and Tiger You
Third Place: Ewin Tong and Isaaq Rasul
Honorable Mentions: Josiah Budiman, Darion Foster, Marcus Deng, Henry Wang, Christine Huynh, Sarina Wu and Joseph Yin

Grade 10 – 12:
First Place: Tyler Hostetter
Second Place: Tomothy Foster
Third Place: Catfish Alexandar
Honorable Mention: Kristi Quintero

Aluminum Boat Fun:
First Place: Rishab Parthasarathy
Second Place: Andrea Wang and Maggie Yan
Third Place: Neda Rasul and Anay Gupta
Honorable Mention: Zachary Tian, Leonard Yu, Allison Chen, Stephanie You, Amanda Sun and Willa Liou

Paper Airplane Fun:
First Place: Aaron Weng
Second Place: Sophie Robertson
Third Place: Thomas Kuo
Honorable Mention: Ray Chang, Srikar Talluri and William Zhang

Bridge Building Fun:
First Place: William Vo and Patrick Lin
Second Place: Justin Jiang and Jerry Chen
Third Place: Michael Shen and Eric Peng
Honorable Mention: Eric Chen, Ethan Moore, Anana Prasatporn, Sydney Tay, Christina Liveret, Daniel Zhang, Daniel Chen and Derek Zhou

A number of robotics competition groups were also visiting during the event to motivate students. They included the VEX Robotics group from the Mandarin Chinese School, FIRST Robotics group from UT Arlington, and FIRST Lego League group from Technicbots. The parents and students were enthusiastically discussing with these groups to see how robotics‐based projects can help stimulating students’ interested in engineering and technology during early ages. Dr. Kyung Kim, a Lockheed Martin’s fellow, gave a brief speech during the award presentation session to the audience to inspire the kids to be successful in their long term career.

The event was strongly supported by the Prof. Carter Tiernan, Assistant Dean for Student Affairs of UT Arlington, to provide the excellent facility for the event. The event chairs of the event was Mr. Steve Hwang and Ms. Rutu Shah from Lockheed Martin. The fair also received help from over 50 volunteers, who enthusiastically assisted in the organization of the event.

The photo album of the event can be found at: https://picasaweb.google.com/108624248079044826005/2012CIEYouthEngineeringFair

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