CIE Sponsored Event – 2012 DCCC DFW Chinese Youth Camp

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CIE/USA-DFW sponsored another successful youth event, 2012 DFW Chinese Youth Camp (CYC), which was held on July 1st through July 7th. Over one hundred-forty campers from age eight to sixteen participated in the summer camp activities and were supported by twenty-six counselors and assistant counselors with ages from fifteen to eighteen. Three teachers, sent by the Overseas Compatriots Affairs Commission of Taiwan ROC held cultural classes to teach Chinese folk dance, Chinese folk activities and Chinese arts and crafts. The arts and crafts teacher taught them how to tie Chinese knots, use Mien to create figurines and much more.  The folk dances showcased during the ending performance included lions, ribbons, fans, flags, nun chucks and Tai Chi.  A personal favorite among all groups was folk activities because students could practice jump rope, traditional Chinese spinning tops and Chinese Yo-Yo.  In addition, CYC had several local teachers teach classes in Chinese painting, etiquette, street dance, Kung-Fu, Chinese song, ballroom dance, and leadership.

The 2012 DFW CYC ended with a successful gala of performance presented by the students. Parents were highly impressed by the gala performance and with the progress made by their children during the camp week. It was clear that campers enjoyed CYC, looked forward to coming back next year, and joined the CYC family.