2013 Leadership Assessment and Mentoring Program (LAMP)

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The 2013 leadership assessment and mentoring program (LAMP) was conducted successfully by the Chinese Institute of Engineers/USA DFW Chapter (CIE-USA/DFW) and Friendship Association of Chinese Students and Scholars (FACSS) on April 20, 2013 at Hoblitzelle Hall Auditorium, University of Texas at Dallas.

LAMP is one of the long-standing CIE events featuring “Leadership” and “Career Mentoring” for young professionals. On the event day, Mr. Mark Carpenter, senior VP from Oncor, delivered an inspiring keynote speech to share his profound leadership experiences to an audience of nearly two hundred young professionals.

For this year, CIE had designed the program’s panel session to feature “Live Job Interview”, according to our career mentoring mission. Live Job Interview adopted the stage design of some of the popular job hunting shows on Chinese TV. On the one hand, eight talented young professionals were cherry-picked by career service consultants to perform the role of “job candidates”. These job candidates were selected from about a hundred applicants of young professional in finance, engineering, and accounting. On the other hand, eight career gurus from leading companies in their own fields were invited to form the “Boss Panel” and assume the roles of “recruiters”.  The panelists from the Boss Panel included Xiaogang Fan (Senior Technical Director, AT&T), Claire Jung (CQE Manager, Texas Instruments), Maria Wei (Partner, Yellowbox Solutions; Founder, ATCG Solutions), Sam Zhu (Director in Finance, Marketing fields, AT&T), Dr. Yi Zhao (VP of Huawei, USA), Mr. Michael Guo (Assurance Manager of McGladrey LLP), Sammy Yang (Senior HR consultant, AT&T) and Michael Wang (Senior Management Consultant, IBM).

The career show was designed to provide live, reality-interview-show experience to both the job candidates and the audience. Each job interview position started with the candidate’s self-introduction accompanied by life/career highlights shown on two big screens on the stage.  Candidates and the panelists interacted through cross-questioning including semi-random questioning, random questioning and reverse questioning.  In the process of the mock job interview, the panelists discussed the hits and misses of each candidate’s interview performance and provided the candidates and audiences with targeted, well-crafted feedback and interview tips.

The live-job-interview show was full of fun and excitement. The event not only brought the candidates and audiences with much needed career advice, but also, to some extent, alleviated their anxiety towards job interview by familiarizing them with the job interview process. Based on the overwhelmingly positive feedback collected from the event participants, CIE is planning to host a similar event next year.

The event chairs are Tengran Liu, Kevin An and Qing Fang.