2013 DFW Youth English Speech Contest Successfully Held in Plano

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The 2013 DFW Youth English Speech Contest was a great success. The contest was held from 8 am to 12 pm on Saturday, September 14, 2013 at Collin College Living Legends Conference Center at the Spring Creek Campus. The purpose of the event is to foster self-confidence, promote interest in public speaking, provide an opportunity for youths to enhance their speaking skills by competing, and recognize the best to encourage all.

95 student participants from Grades 1 to 12 competed in the contest. More than 200 parents attended and 60 volunteers supported the event. The contest committee made tremendous effort to ensure that the contest was fun and fair to all contestants. The participants were divided into 11 groups to compete. The contest judges were experienced and trained members from Toastmasters International. During the contest, students showed their talent and creativity through all kinds of topics ranging from summer vacation, travel abroad, success and so on. These well prepared speeches brought waves of laughter and applause in the conference center.

The speech contest is not only a competition but also a great opportunity for the students to learn and improve. They have exceled to a higher level of confidence and the skills that they practiced and learned will be extremely valuable for their future career and life. The contest committee members are so excited to see the quick growth of all the students from last year’s contest.

Mr. David Hill, the Toastmasters International World Championship of Public Speaking Finalist, spoke at the award ceremony and interacted with the participants. The student participants were excited to learn about Mr. Hill’s successful stories of public speaking and actively participated in the question and answer session.

The contest was hosted by the Texas Dragon Toastmasters, and was sponsored by Chinese Institute of Engineers/USA – DFW Chapter, Oncor, Texas Instruments and AT&T. Cindi’s New York Deli and Bakery kindly provided delicate breakfast and snacks for the event. The contest committee felt honored to have the opportunity to contribute to the community through this well planned and organized event and looking forward to the contest again next year.

1st and 2nd Grades:
1st Place: Shobana Ravi
2nd Place: Katie Zhao
3rd Place: Kevin Wang
Honorable Mentions: Kapil Taspa, Audrey Perry

3rd Grade:
1st Place: Advika Varadharajan
2nd Place: Jeffrey Xu
3rd Place: Sally Lin
Honorable Mentions: Diya Singh, Nikhi Jain

4th Grade:
1st Place: Charles Hou
2nd Place: William Yue
3rd Place: Zachary Tian
Honorable Mentions: Evan Lai, Charlie Zhang

5th Grade (Group D):
1st Place: Jennifer Xiong
2nd Place: Anagha Gouru
3rd Place: Weston Lu
Honorable Mentions: Jennifer Su

5th Grade (Group E):
1st Place: Shengyuan Wang
2nd Place: Rakshak Ravichandran
3rd Place: Rachel Zhang
Honorable Mentions: Abraham Tsai, Allison He

6th Grade:
1st Place: Sophia Li
2nd Place: Cedric Zhou
3rd Place: Sophia Xu
Honorable Mentions: Connie Xu, Saisrinivas Gudivada

7th Grade:
1st Place: Alice Hou
2nd Place: Kendra Huang
3rd Place: Aniket Matharasi
Honorable Mentions: Annie Lu

8th Grade (Group H):
1st Place: Christina Yuan
2nd Place: David Sun
3rd Place: Mathew You
Honorable Mentions: Swetha Berana

8th Grade (Group I):
1st Place: Anjika Bhalla
2nd Place: Steven Xu
3rd Place: Kevin Li
Honorable Mentions: Tarang Sane

9th Grade:
1st Place: Carolyn Li
2nd Place: Lena Khanolkar
3rd Place: Jenny Zhu
Honorable Mentions: Emily Chen

10th-12th Grades:
1st Place: Jocelyn Lo
2nd Place: Cecilia Zhou
3rd Place: Sneha Karkala
Honorable Mentions: Star Jackson