Youth Programs

2012 MathComp Winners

CIE/USA-DFW offers multiple annual youth programs to promote youth’s interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).

The flagship of CIE/USA-DFW youth program is the annual grand mathematics activities – MathComp/MathFun. MathComp/MathFun is composed of mathematics competition, parental seminar and MathFun fair. Every year, the activities attract participation of around a thousand students, parents and dozens of schools and education organizations throughout the DFW metroplex area. We have also introduced the Youth Engineering Fair (YEF) since 2010 to offer opportunities to our youths to stimulate their interests in STEM and to present their creativity and innovations through hands-on projects. Overall, the youth programs are designed to promote STEM subjects in an interesting, fun and discovery manner, and unleash kids’ interests in these areas.

CIE/USA-DFW also promotes and recognizes academic excellence in STEM and active involvement of community services of the youths through the prestigious Young Achiever Award (YAA). The decade old program awarded more than 150 youths for their top academic achievements at school, outstanding engineering and science accomplishments, demonstrated leadership and active involvement of community services. In July 2012, we established the Young Achiever (YA) Association to bring the past YAA recipients together. We expect that the newly established platform will effectively motivate our next generation to achieve higher and give more back to the society.

CIE/USA-DFW also sponsors and supports many other local youth activities that generally promotes youth’s leadership and communication skills, such as Chinese and English Speech Contest, Chinese Youth Leadership Club (CYLC), Chinese Youth Camp (CYC) and Spelling Bee Contest. These partnerships have successfully strengthened CIE/USA-DFW’s relationship with the other local organization and after schools and involvement in the DFW community.